Tuesday, July 12, 2011

【重要公告】与韩国首要粉丝网 SJ-Market 一起团购 Super Junior 五辑

MYSJ 非常荣幸得到SJ-Market 邀请一起团购 Super Junior 将在八月份发行的五辑。据知,全世界的 ELF 会携手合作实行这个计划,为 Super Junior 再次创造专辑销售的佳绩。不过此计划仍然在定案决策中,我们需要大家的鼎力支持达到预计数量的目标。所以,MYSJ 视这个任务为 “预购”。有意者需先预付 RM20 (每一张专辑) 作为确保您的预订。尚若这个计划达不到预计数量的目标,MYSJ 仍然会向其他 (有计算在销售榜里) 的供应商购买专辑,购买者随后必须如常支付余额。

汇款截止:2011 年 7 月 18 日 (星期一),晚上 11:59 之前。

然后 email 您的资料到my.sj13@gmail.com
Email 标题 :Deposit for SJ 5th Album
汇款证据 (小票):

让我们携手为 Super Junior 再创奇迹 !!!

【Important Announcement】Super Junior 5th album pre-order in collaboration with SJ-Market (Korea).

We are pleased to announce that we are going to collaborate with SJ-Market in purchasing Super Junior’s coming 5th album which is predicted to be release during the month of August 2011. Super Junior fan-based all around the world will work this momentous project together, and to create another best-selling album result for our beloved Super Junior. However, this project is in the midst of final decision. We need your full support in achieving the purchasing volume which has been targeted. Hence, we (MYSJ) take this as a pre-order whereby you are required to pay a deposit of RM20 for each album in order to secure your bookings. Whether this project is successful or not, MYSJ will still get the album for you from another supplier (which will count the album selling volume in Music Charts) and you are require to pay the balance amount as usual.

Dateline for deposit payment : 18 July 2011 (Monday) before 11:59pm

Email your details to: my.sj13@gmail.com with the details below.
Subject: Deposit for SJ 5th Album
IC No.:
Contact No.:
Number of album(s) order:
Proof of payment:

Come! And work this hand-in-hand to create another MIRACLE for Super Junior!