Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love Is Prefect, Even If We Are Not —Malaysia Super Show 3 Fans Project Preliminary Information

☆MYSJ (Super Junior Malaysia-Home Fan site) ☆-Malaysia Super Show 3 Fans Project Preliminary Information

Did you believe in fate?..Did you ever believe that’s have fate?..

God have tied a BLUE string small finger between Super Junior and E.L.F …

This roof of fate couldn’t been see by EYES,

and it also not a gateway to enter your map but….

Is because we have MET and we willing to PROTECT you….

Happiness and touched in Super Show 2 still burning in my heart,

and the exciting of Malaysia Super Show 3 is coming soon…..

I really cherish with this hard-won opportunities,did you have a same feeling with me?

Eteuk and Sung Min have been mentioned at their CY after Malaysia Super Show 2 concert,that they really feel HAPPINESS….

And we also feel touched with their noted….

They always say that we are their Ever Lasting Friends,

Maybe for others….”Love Is Prefect, Even If We Are Not “….

To let them keep continue surrounded with HAPPINESS after Super Show 2,

For Malaysia Super Show 3,we have special designed hand-banner to be given free on concert day…

All this banner will be given to selected zone and as a fans-project for selected song,

Please raised the hand-banner in front of them and cheer for them in selected song….

This hand-banner fans-project will be in-charge by personal member + MYSJ admin forum to be responsible for it…

This details as below…..

E-Teuk - 《 100% Love For 박정수》 (In-Charge by @Charynn81)

Hee Chul - 《항상 지켜 希》(In-Charge by@karen_ting)

Ye Sung – 《종운 아니면 안돼》(MYSJ will be responsible for it)

Shin Dong- 《동사랑해주세요》(MYSJ will be responsible for it)

Sung Min- 《爱성민》(in charge by MYSJ@yirui_9502 & @isungmin0101 )

Eun Hyuk- 《이혁재,I’m Yours》(MYSJ will be responsible for it)

Dong Hae –《 쪼끄마니,이동해》(MYSJ will be responsible for it)

Si Won- 《Love never Ends원》(In-Charge by @JodieYin)

Ryeo Wook- 《려욱 슈주 요리사 》(MYSJ will be responsible for it)

Kyu Hyun- 《쏘리 너에게 빠져 버렸어》(In-Charge by @Crystalliciious & @juntan_13)

EunHae Solo - 《No Other but EunHae》(In-Charge by @sinyi88 & 掌心*witheunhae)

From all E.L.F to SJ:《누규세요 !!!》(MYSJ will be responsible for it) [to those ELF who have purchased our reflective banner before,you remain to raised up the banner,we will given out normal hand banner as free for ELF who don’t have it.Please come request this free banner from us on concert day.Thank you.]

Did you have practice for fans-chant? Did you ready sing together with Ye Sung for song “너아니면안돼 - It Have To Be You ” ?

In addition,did you still remember Shining Star that we prepared to Super Junior in Super Show 2?

To continue show them happiness,we will prepare a Special Fans-Project to them but…We need to keep in secret first…..^^

We sincerely invite you to join our mission to make this all fans-project can be success in order..

Let’s us Malaysian E.LF,show them our enthusiasm and cheering for them when Super Junior come to Malaysia again soon…

We will really appreciate and thank you with your support….

Let’s us together re-create the MIRACLE….



To Super Junior,

Guardian…is a consensual thing…

In future or lifetime,we just want surrounded with you…World most kind-hearted E.L.F..

Love that we give to you,is the world most UNIQUE LOVE…

Once time,we even didn’t know each other….

And we fall in love with you suddenly in one special day…

Once again,our distance became close and closer…

I have been thought that,

You will never know that we always be support and be your guardian in silent…

But inadvertently,you silently have return our love…

Sincerely from : Malaysia E.L.F

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[MYSJ]Promo Video for SS3 in Malaysia (CHN_ENG)

Creadit out with Full Version

Chinese Translation by: Jodie Yin
English Translation by: 银水晶
Video subtitled by: Chrisaiden
Source & credit to: Mint Magazine


Watch in Youtube!!

#SS3Msia We Needs you be Zone Leaders!!!!

Seeking for:
Rock Pitt : Pen A1,A2,B1

Terrace Seat : L1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6,L13,L14,L15,L16

Balcony Seats : U1,U2,U4,U5,U6,U13,U14,U16,U17,U18

Partial Restricted View : U3,U7,U15,U19

In conjunction with Super Junior Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia,We has arranged variety of support activities and fan-chant for the concer.
In order to have the most successful and memorable moment with Super Junior,we have to ensure majority of the audience attending the concert has an idea on what we are going to do.
Hence,we would like to open registration for ELF’s who are interested to be Zone Leaders.

Responsibilities of a zone leader:

1. To assist us to distribute a summary note which reminds audience what to do during the concert;
2. To explain to audience who do not understand the summary note.
3. To in-charge of all the audience in the zone which you are sitting or standing.
4. To ensure that the audience in the zone which you are sitting or standing is using blue color glow-stick.Convince them not to us other colors.
5. Advise the audience not to raise their LED / Light Boards(if they get their own way to bring into the hall) which will block other audience’s view.
6. To shout out loud all the fan-chant being announced by us.
7. to ensure that the audience raise the hand banner on the right song.


a. Must be an ELF (Super Junior Fan)
b. Must be able to attend Super Show 3 concert on 19 March 2011 at Putra Indoor Stadium,Bukit Jalil.
c. Must be able to arrice at the concert venue on 19 March 2011 morning / our require time.
d. Good Temper,good behavior and morality.
e. Must have strong sense of responsibility,well-discipline,and always remember the task being assigned.
f. must be able to memorize all fan chants as announce bt us.

Registration due date : 15 March 2011,12pm
Only sort listed candidates will be contacted.

Please send your registration to

Subject: Zone Leader – Registration

Full Name as per IC / passport:
IC. / Passport No.:
Mobile phone No.:
Email address:
Which country are you from:
Able to speak what languages:
Ticket No. (which zone & seat’s No.):

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[MYSJ]110319 Super Show 3 in Malaysia_Trailer