Thursday, December 24, 2009

(2009.12.22) Sarang haeyo Korea Night at Korea Plaza

Tell Me Your Wish (Super Junior Ver.) by MYSJ members & Dawn's Arch members

SJ song remix by Sapphire Pearls Malaysia(MYSJ sisterhood)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

(Attention) Stop all these chaos!!

Dear Malaysia E.L.F,
We understand the feeling of this moment where every one of you is in a state of anxiety and suspicion.
The same feeling goes to the MYSJ committee team too, but this news still not fully substantiated. Here, we would like to gentle advice all members, when you reply any related news / post, please stop condemning SM Entertainment or any SJ members!
This is because we found that some member’s responses began to show disgraceful to SME, and even intricate Kang-In case together.
As all of us know, Kang-In incident is immoral by own action and he needs to bear the consequences.
According to the South Korea's response, SME has no other choices but to stop all activities of Kang-In.
As for SJ members’ reply on their personal CY, our anxiety is far smaller than their anxious and worried right now.
If we can’t fall in sleep, do you think SJ can sleep better in this condition?
If you really care about them, please ….. Stop all these condemn no matter on SME or SJ.
Even if the outcome is not our on own expectations, we do hope everyone can understand that such incident cannot be fully blame on SME. There might be some unforeseen cases behind which we as fans cannot 100% comprehend.

If is without SME, today, you might not be an E.L.F. There would not be a group of such outstanding artistes named Super Junior, and there would not be a concord of Sapphire Blue world.
From the very first moment when each SJ members sign the contract with SME, they already understand the path that they have chosen will be a very hard one!

E.L.F’s, if you can be more sensible and look forward … there are things which might not causes so much argument!
When you have decided to name yourself as E.L.F, you should have decided to always keep in faith and support to SJ no matter what happen.
At last but not least, now what we can do as E.L.F is just waiting for the legitimacy, sustain for what SJ believes what we believe!
We would greatly appreciate if you can stop every speculation immediately!
Always bear in mind: E.L.F. make SJ proud because E.L.F are rational.

Thank you for your cooperation!






Monday, December 7, 2009

09.12.06 跨年演唱暨乔治市庆典 31日旧关仔角引爆

Credit: 光华电子新闻




这项活动由生命的彩虹之青年社会责任计划组主办,主要目的是为了协助宣扬联合国儿童基金会“为儿童而团结”的宣言。值得一提,此活动亦是配合槟城官方指定活动,且倒数当日所有经费都由CreatiVision D.C.有限公司赞助。










林丽沄表示,万民共舞的歌曲将选用金斯顿(Sean Kingston)主唱的Fire Burning On The Dance Floor,舞蹈时间长达5分钟。

“该舞步很荣幸获得马来西亚Super Junior之家给予的配合及协助,而他们也将录制影片让大家透过网络学习舞步。”

她续说,舞蹈演示可透过 /PG2010-1-Pop-d-Heritage-Geo rgetown-at-Padang-Esplana de-on-31-12-2009/324777900061。



Thursday, December 3, 2009

PG2010 ---- 1 Population 1 World

Upcoming Events by CreatiVision

Theme: 1 Population, 1 World Date: 31 December 2009 Time: after 6pm - midnight Venue: Padang Esplanade, Penang

The Official State New Year Countdown Concert cum 53rd Georgetown Day Celebration

Initiated by: Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF) in support of United Nation Childrens' Fund (UNICEF)
The Largest Dance Class - A World Record Attempt in support of UNICEF on Dec. 31, 2009

Sources from:


During this New Year Eve on 31 December 2009, MYSJ members from all around Malaysia will be heading to Penang for a mega-event. 1st of January is our lovely SungMin’s birthday. The Committee Board of MYSJ has something great to do this time. What’s the challenge will be?

With our great honour, MYSJ is pleased to participate in a mega-event organized by CreatiVision and the State of Government of Penang. It is a New Year Eve countdown event, and MYSJ is the leading Kpop fans website in Malaysia which involve in such momentous countdown party.

CreatiVision is an event company which was incorporated in the year of 1993. They have been organizing such countdown carnival for the past few years. In conjunction with this carnival, Creativision also involves the United Nation Children Fund (UNICEF) for fund raising. On the other hand, they have another important task which is aimed to be recorded into the Guinness World Record. They have planned to do a 100,000 people flash-mock where these spectators are going to dance the same song and same moves together in the same time.

CreatiVision has appointed and confirmed Super Junior Malaysia Fans-site (MYSJ) as the official dance instructor for 1 Population 1 World campaign.

All Kpop fans are invited to be part of this memorable moment. Should this flash-mock succeed, MYSJ will grant this honour as a valuable gift to Super Junior.

Best Compliment to

1. CreatiVision;
2. Rainbow of Life Force (ROLF)
2. MYSJ Members;
3. Dawn’s Arch dance group
4. Sapphire Pearls Malaysia members;
5. to be advise..

Dear Attendees,

Please put up MYSJ & Sapphire Pearls Malaysia T-shirt to attend this event. Please learn the dance rountine in advance as well.
Thank you.

How To Participate

* 1. Terms and Conditions

* 2. Application Form

* 3. Kindly submit the Application Form to us no later than December 20, 2009

* by: Email

* 4. Parent Consent Form for those under 16 years old.

For more details,pls visit us at :

Official Letter 扫图

09.12.02 [南洋商报] 31日,3万人齐舞创记录

09.12.02 [NST]Street dance for the record

Fire Burning (Steps) Slow Motion

Watch in YouTube

Studio Front ver.